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Welcome to the world of Bekah Writes!

I have so many plans for this blog!

I am a millennial, a mother, a freelance writer, traveler, lover, and world-changer. I started this blog because of a challenge a friend gave me. For the last 10 years I have been a content creator extraordinaire. I have poured my heart and soul into creating pieces for other people. I have spent countless late nights revising and restructuring the passion projects of other people. Don’t get me wrong, I love my #freelancerlife but I wanted more.

This blog is a project that is dedicated to me. It’s raw and (hopefully) relatable. It has no defined niche other than Me. I want to write about things that matter and things that make you laugh. I want to write about being a good human, and also the amazing books I read. I want to write about how I am working my butt off to achieve debt-free but struggling because the reality is SO FREAKING HARD to do. I want to write about parenthood and motherhood and what it means to raise kids in a world that is getting scarier by the day.

This is what my passion project is this year. I am so grateful to you for joining me on it.

Other things you should know:

  • I am a regular contributor over at so you will see a few links in my posts!
  • I LOVE to read and review books… if you have a book in my interest area and you need another set of eyes or want to submit it for a formal book review… send me a message on Twitter and link me. We’ll chat.
  • If your book happens to fall into one of the following categories: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Historical Romance, Fantasy, Humor, Adventure or YA/New Adult–I want to hear from you. If it happens to have elements of mythology, PLEASE reach out. I love it!

I LOVE my followers! You can follow me on Twitter: @heybekahdee
(I’m sometimes a bit sassy… you’ve been warned!

On Facebook, you can also follow my page, “Bekah Writes”  or my t-shirt store “The ADHD Squirrel” for some fun ways to support an indie artist.

Finally, I do use affiliate links on this site which means I am sometimes compensated for promoting products. I will always let you know if that is the case. If you are generous enough to share your information with me via my subscribe channel, please know that I will NEVER share it with third parties.

Welcome, new friends!

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