I don’t know about you but…my stress level is about an 11 out of ten most days. I operate on a level of intensity that is 100 percent NOT healthy for long-term wellness and is likely irritating to other people.

I don’t chill well. I didn’t inherit that gene, apparently. Add in some woo and I am like a snarky ray of stress-filled sunshine.

It’s not like I haven’t tried to manage my stress. I have tried. I have tried hard. I have gone FULL BLOWN WOO WOO into holistic health in an attempt to find ways to de-stress my life.

I have been to countless workshops, seen therapists with a variety of specialties, smeared oils on my body, read a metric crap ton of books and articles, gone to yoga classes, sat with religious leaders, chanted, stared at the wall, drank weird stuff, and listened to so many sales-pitches from the multi-billion dollar MLM “Wellness” market.  SPOILER ALERT: It hasn’t worked for me.

Read more about my 11 ways to destress my life that does NOT involve rubbing oils all over your feet with my piece at longevity.media. 🙂

Tell me all your favorite ways to combat stress in the comments!