Every time I turn on the news lately, I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Every time I scroll through my Twitter feed, I feel the despair at the state of the world start to creep into my soul.

Our world is, in many ways, a very broken place. The levels of injustice are overwhelming. The enormity of the problems seem almost insurmountable. The sadness that has permeated the very fabric of our lives is matched only by the apathy that seems to threaten our very existence.  It’s easy to feel defeated, like your actions don’t even matter in the grand scheme of things.

I was pondering this when I came across the old adage, “You don’t need a reason to help someone.”

In a world that seems to be one step away from burning, let’s change the narrative. Let’s find a way to promote peace and kindness.

If you are overwhelmed, exhausted, overworked, and operating on limited bandwidth–this list is for you. If you want to help, but feel helpless–this list is for you too.

Here are six simple ways to show kindness today, from my piece for motivation.media.


What are some ways that you show kindness? Leave me some suggestions in the comments!